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Novel Packets

Submitted by: I Love That Teaching Idea! Staff
From: Nibley, Utah
Date Submitted: March 31, 2001

Whenever I am about to begin a new novel with my students, I go through, chapter by chapter, and make a short question/answer page for that particular chapter. I include 3-5 vocabulary words that my students need to look up, as well as 3-5 questions to answer to check their comprehension. I will also include some activities such as, "Write a poem about this chapter," or "Draw a picture of your favorite scene," or "Put 5 of the characters' names in alphabetical order." I then staple the pages together in order to make a small booklet that each student keeps with him/her as he/she is reading the novel. This takes a lot of preparation beforehand, but the payoffs are numerous! And just think, you only have to do this once for each novel, and then you can reuse your masters year after year!


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