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Predicting Rhyming Words

Submitted by: I Love That Teaching Idea! Staff
From: Nibley, Utah
Date Submitted: March 31, 2001

You can do this activity with so many different "big" books, but one of my favorites to use is Silly Sally by Audrey Wood. With colored Post-it notes, I first go through the book myself and stick them over top of the ending words that rhyme with the phrase or sentence prior to it. For example, in this book a page reads, "Silly Sally went to town, walking backwards, upside down." So on that page, I would cover the word, "down". I continue this same method throughout the entire book. Then as I read with the children and we come to a word that has a sticky note over it, my students have to guess what word they think may be underneath it. I then write their answers on top of the sticky note. We then read the sentence again, each time changing the last word to one of our guesses. We then try to decide which word would make the most sense there in that sentence. And finally, the "secret" word is revealed!


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