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Magic Shoes!

Submitted by: I Love That Teaching Idea! Staff
From: SLC, Utah
Date Submitted: April 16, 2001

Pick up an old pair of shoes from a thrift store and glue buttons or brightly colored sequins all over them. You may also want to spray paint them silver or gold to make them truly unique! Tell your students that these shoes will be used only during your writing time. When someone puts these shoes on, the shoes have the ability to take your imagination away to far-off lands to experience some magical adventures! Say, "Where will these shoes take you? Only you will know once you place them on your feet and begin to WRITE!" You'll want to be sure that the shoes are large enough in size so that any student's foot can fit in them. Give one student each day the opportunity to wear them, but do not force the student to wear them if they don't have the desire to.


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