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Student Numbers

Submitted by: Dana White
From: Hyrum, Utah
Date Submitted: April 24, 2001

I give each student a number based on alphabetical order (either first or last names work just fine). I have found many many practical ways to use this system.

1 - Throughout the year they write this number on their papers. I can quickly check to see if an assignment is missing.

2 - We also use the numbers as page numbers when each student contributes a page to class-made books. (When I dis-assemble the books at the end of the year to give each child his/her pages, it is a painless process!)

3 - This number also designates their place when we line up to go anywhere. It has eliminated pushing and shoving and the fight for a desired spot in line. The kids call this their "regular spot" and rarely do we line up otherwise.

4 - I also number items that belong to the class that I may have individual sets of, like math manipulatives, books, scissors, rulers, etc. The students may keep these things in their desks and are responsible for the items, but should an item get lost - and found - it can quickly be returned to its owner.


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