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George's "Friendly" Letters

Submitted by: Rhonda Lewis-Peters
From: Newport News, VA
Date Submitted: September 15, 2001

At the beginning of the year, I read the book "George and Martha" written by James Marshall. It is several stories of two very close friends. George is always thinking up new and interesting ideas and going on trips. I purchased a stuffed George and Martha at my local book store. On each Frieday, I send a notebook home with a student with the instructions that they are to take George everywhere they go over the weekend and write Martha a "friendly" letter about it. When they come back to school on Monday, we take Martha down and they read the letter to her. The students love this and it helps with their ability to write friendly letters correctly. At the end of the year, Martha is tired of staying at school, and she goes on her own adventures and writes back to George.


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