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"Simon Says!" with Geometry Terms

Submitted by: I Love That Teaching Idea! Staff
From: SLC, Utah
Date Submitted: September 15, 2001

As I teach geometry terms throughout a unit, I always match a term, such as "parallel lines," with a movement my body makes. A few examples include:

"Line" - I extend my arms on each side with palms opened, indicating that a line goes on in both directions.
"Line Segment" - A line segment, on the other hand, would look like a line (with arms extended) but my fists would be closed, indicating that a line segment has 2 definite end points.
"Parallel Lines" - show arms looking like train tracks
"Right Angle" - extend your left arm over your head (close to your left ear) and extend your right arms out to the right side of you. Your head will look like that 90 degree angle that is made.

Use your imagination and be creative! I've put all of the following terms to "simon says" actions: line, line segment, ray, parallel lines, intersecting lines, right angle, obtuse angle, acute angle, line of symmetry, congruent, similar, vertex, perpendicular, slide, flip and turn.

Play the game by having your entire class stand and participate. The kids love it! As they get better and faster at it, try to trick them...remember, if "simon doesn't say" to do something, and they do it,they are out and have to sit down while play continues. Make it a fun and light-hearted review and your kids will look forward to learning each new term as your unit progresses. Good luck!


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