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Star Burst Design

Submitted by: Tammy Owens
From: Kaysville, Utah
Date Submitted: September 15, 2001

Materials: White art paper, pencil, ruler, colored pencils, colored paper for mounting, scissors


1. Place 2 dots 3-5 inches apart in the center of the paper. Very lightly label each dot "1" and "2". Connect the 2 dots, with the ruler, to create a horizontal line segment.

Square showing a horizontal line and numbers 1 and 2.

2. Draw 15 to 20 dots all over the paper (dots may not be along the horizontal line semgent and area if the line segment were extended to edge of paper). The dots should be scattered around on the paper (some should be near the edges). These will be the points (angles) on the design. The fewer the dots, the easier the design for young children.

3. Use a ruler for every line segment. (Students have a tendency to want to draw the segments free-handed. A straight line is needed.)

4. Color the design using colored pencils. Options could include using only 2 colors. The 2 colors could be chosen after the discussion of primary, secondary and complimentary colors has taken place. You may color spaces with just solid colors and with texture. Tammy tells her students that for every space colored with a solid color, there must be at least 2 with a texture or design. She allows 7 spaces to be left white.

Star burst design in progress

5. Cut the star burst from the white paper, leaving a small border of white outlining the design. Mount on black or other colored paper.

6. Possible discussion:

  • Name the triangles created
  • How many line segments were needed? What if we reduced the number of dots to 10? Etc.
  • What was the largest angle created? Size?
  • What was the smallest angel created? Size?
  • How many total triangles can you find in the design? Quadrilaterals? Pentagons? Hexagons? Etc.

A completed star burst desiign


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