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Rain Cycle Mobile

Submitted by: Charlye Gray
From: Kansas City, MO
Date Submitted: November 4, 2002

This is a great way to get your students to remember the rain cycle. I homeschool, and this was how I got my K schooler to remember the rain cycle.

You will need a wire hanger, blue, yellow, white and gray construction paper, yarn.(cut into various sizes)and glue.

With the blue construction paper, have your students draw and cut out the pond and rain drops.(You might want to cut out the rain drops if you have young students.) Draw and cut out the clouds, using the white and gray construction papers. Draw and cut out the sun with the yellow construction paper.

Take four pieces of yarn, about 6" long and glue to the back of the gray cloud. Make sure that at least 5" is hanging down. Glue the rain drops to the yarn and put aside to dry. Take a small piece of yarn and glue one side to the sun and tie the other end to the hanger. Take two pieces of yarn the same length, but longer that the one for the sun, and attach them to the clouds and the hanger. Take a long piece of yarn, about 12" and attach the pond to the hanger.

Have your students take their mobiles home, or hang them in your classroom.


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