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Popsicle Stick Math Game

Submitted by: I Love That Teaching Idea! Staff
From: SLC, Utah
Date Submitted: November 9, 2002

Fill a plastic cup with 50 popsicle sticks. Write the numbers 0-9 on each popsicle stick. (Each number should be used 5 times.) Place the sticks with the number down in the cup. Working in pairs, there are a number of different ways this game can be played according to how you set it up.

Younger students may choose to play the game by comparing the numbers that are chosen. Each player chooses a stick from the cup. The student with the largest number wins and keeps both sticks.

Students may also play by each choosing 2 sticks, and then performing a number operation to use with those numbers such as multiplying them, adding them, subtracting, or dividing- with the largest answer winning that "hand."

You may also ask your students to each draw a specific amount of sticks and then asking them to use place value to form the largest or smallest number with the sticks they drew.

The possibilities are endless! Just imagine all of the different ways these math sticks can be used to keep students thinking!


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