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Integer Concentration!

Submitted by: Michelle Hersey
From: Stanley, NC
Date Submitted: November 12, 2002

Give each student 20 index cards. They are to create 10 problems using positive and negative numbers. Have students write each problem on an index card and write the answer on another index card.

When they have all 10 problem cards and 10 answer cards, allow them to shuffle the deck and place each card face down on a table.

I used this during the month of October so we decorated the blank side of the cards with Halloween or Autumn pictures.

How to play:
Flip over one card, work it out and try to find it's match (the correct answer card). If match isn't found, turn both cards over and begin again.

We went into our cafeteria and had a "Concentration Tournament". There was lots of room and my 7th graders absolutely LOVED it!


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