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Classroom Colony

Submitted by: Crystal Hite
From: Jackson, MO
Date Submitted: January 2003

My class and I have been studying about the 13 Original Colonies in S.S. As a way for the kids to better understand what life was like in the colonies, we started our own colony. Each student was assigned a job. Some were farmers, we had a teacher, minister, store owners, shoemaker, lumberjack and a farm hand. Students were paired up as "husband and wife" and were given the amount of money they would come over with and any children they would bring with them. The students were to make design and make a flag to represent the colony. We named the colony. The men of the colony made the rules or laws and the Judge inforced those rules. Each student was responsible for buying the material for, and building their own log cabin. Cabins were built from small pretzel sticks. The students were left to build them all on their own. Then they purchased a plot of land and some animals and/or crops so that they could make a living. The minister, judge and teacher were paid a "salary". Each day I would go through and stick a piece of paper in the envelope that they kept all of their money and crops and animals in. Some of the papers had good things on them like that they had another kid, sometimes it was bad like that only half of their crops survived the draught. I would also put eggs in the envelope if they had chickens, or take out a pig and put in ham and bacon. These items they could keep for themselves or they could sell the extra to the store so that others could purchase the items. I let my kids just run the room during this project. They all know what to do. They had a lot of fun and enjoyed this project. At the end I made the "husband and wife" teams write a paper on what they learned, if they enjoyed themselves, what the best part of the project was, and what they didn't like about it and what could be improved. This way I can reflect on it and change things for the next year!


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