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Roll the Colors

Submitted by: Sally Kinsey
From: Sugar Land, TX
Date Submitted: March 1, 2003

The students will use one die to write their spelling words in a game.

Students pair up into teams of two. Then they pair up with another team of two to play the game. A student will have their partner roll one die to see how many colors the student will use to write his words. (Use manilla or white paper.) After the student rolls the die the his partner picks out the number of dark crayons or colored pencils to hold and writes with all of the colors in his hand at the same time. (This can be tricky when holding 6 colors at one time.) The students have to concentrate on how they are writing each letter of the word.

Next, a member of the other team follows suit and so on around the group until all of the words have been written by each of the players. When the words have all been written, the students tally up how many crayons or colored pencils it took to write all of their words. The team with the most colors wins. This is great fun and allows the students to not only practice their words, but to work together in cooperation with each other.


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