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Spelling Dictionary

Submitted by: Anonymous
From: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Date Submitted: March 1, 2003

At the beginning of the year each child gets a little dictionary that lists some words by alphabet listing, some pages of topics of words: ie. colours, animals, etc. There is also lines for them or the teacher to write the Spelling word on. Each time they need a word they hunt in their dictionary first, ask a friend and then if they still can't find the word they ask the teacher. The teacher then writes the word. The next time the child needs the word, they first try to sound it out, second look in their dictionary , then seek teacher's help. If I see that the word is already in their dictionary, I ask them to try and look for it again. If they do not succeed, I check it off for them. The next time they are looking for this word , I can indicate that it is in the dictionary and already checked off. The children quickly get used to "really' searching for their word independently or with a friend. I also save these dictionaries and they travel to Grade 2 with the student. I also leave several dictionaries at the Computer stations in the classroom.


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