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Tie Die

Submitted by: Debbie Barth
From: Cape Coral, FL
Date Submitted: March 1, 2003

2 Ideas:

#1. Take a manual Salad Spiner, paper cut in a circle to fit inside salad shooter and Wax Paper.

Take wax paper and line the salad shooter, put paper in bottom of spinner, have child squirt differnt colored paint small to med dots works best in differnt spots of paper, put lid on and let them spin the salad spinner, take the lid off, and paper out and they are amazed at making their own spin art.

# 2 Fold a coffee filter triangialer 3 to 4 times, take Bingo dot paint, and have them palce difernt color dots all over the traingle shape on one side (when done check other side, if didnt go through repeat on that side) if for christmas or winter project have them cut it for snowflake effect after drie, unfold carfully when still wet and poke small hole in top take a unfolded paper clip and hook it through, or a string and hang around the class room, they love the tie die effect and are a colorful attraction to the room, great project before confrence time, parents love it when they walk in.


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