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Bubble Gumballs for Good Behavior

Submitted by: Elise Spoor
From: Bossier City, LA
Date Submitted: May 7, 2003

I have a huge gumball machine with 10 big, colorful gumballs stapled to it on a bulletin board. To encourage the class to all walk quietly, in a straight line, and with their hands neatly behind their backs to places like the cafeteria, to assemblies, to the library and so on, we try to get compliments from others who see us walking beautifully in this way. Compliments from others mean gumballs are taken off of the machine when we return to the classroom. Most people are worth 1 gumball, but the principal, the assistant principal and a few of the "harder to please" teachers are worth 2 gumballs. If they use exceptionally good behavior, even my compliments are worth a gumball being taken off. When the machine is emptied 3 times (30 gumballs removed), they earn the right to have a pizza party. They can bring $1 on Friday to help with the cost of the pizzas and we'll watch a movie and eat pizza.


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