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Submitted by: Kathleen Gilliam
From: Lancaster, TX
Date Submitted: May 7, 2003

I make a scrapbook/yearbook for my students. I prepare 5-8 pages of questions and sentence starters for them to fill out or get others to fill out. I put pictures and borders on the pages for them to color. I get my question ideas from things that are going on the the news, senior memory books, scrapbooks etc. I make it different and personal for each group of kids every year. I give the kids about 45 min - 1 hour to fill in and color the pages. Then we start going around the room to get autographss, phone numbers, addresses, friends to fill in information and the like. We also allow a time for the kids in our team to mix and mingle and fill in each others books. I put out photos that I have taken all year and allow them to cut and glue those in as well. I include a page for teachers to write on (I think ahead on what I want to say for each kid and have it ready). Our kids really loved doing this last year and it took up most of the morning on the last day of school.


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