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Memory Books

Submitted by: Sharon Rideau
From: Phoenix, AZ
Date Submitted: May 7, 2003

School annuals have been around for a long time. So this is not a new idea, but what I enjoy creating is a class memory book for my students to fill in with their individual memories of the year. I love using my computer, computer stationery and colored copy paper, word processing programs and clip art to design the pages in our Memory Book.

The cover sheet is a piece of school related stationery I pick up at an office supply store (Staples, Office Depot, etc.) with the name of our school, our grade level, the year and teacher's name.

The second page is usually a class list. I also take Poloroid I-Zone pictures of the kids and just run it on colored copy paper. I draw scallops or zig-zag lines around the pictures to make it a bit festive.

Included in our memory book is an "All About 5th Grade." This includes the year, school, principal, assistant, room number and any other info about this year.

A page is included which allows the students to fill in their favorite things such as song, food, holiday, game, book, color and more favorites. This page is entitled "My Favorites."

The following page is called "School Favorites." On this page I type: "The thing I like best about school is ____. My favorite subject is ___ because ___. My favorite teacher is ___. The best thing that ever happened to me at school was ___.

Another page is "A Favorite Event at (name of school) School." The students write about an event that is memorable to them.

Then there is a "My Best Friend(s)" page and a "Remember when..." page.

Last, but not least, I include an autograph page. We brainstorm positive things to write to each other and on the last day of school we enjoy filling out our Memory Books to take home to be enjoyed in the years to come.


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