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Summer Fun Packages

Submitted by: Kelly Eakin
From: Amarillo, TX
Date Submitted: May 7, 2003

Every year in May I spend some time each week preparing a Summer Fun Package for each student and his/her family to take home at the end of the year. This makes a wonderful "end of year" gift as well! I buy small plastic containers with lids and decoratively write the students' name on each. Shoe boxes from home that can be decorated at school work well also. Then as the year winds down, the students "make" a game each week that they will put in their box. I include math games, science projects, language arts games, reading games, etc. I usually find my ideas on the web or in teacher magazines. As each game is made the students are able to learn the rules of the game and will later be able to share with family members without confusion and frustration. I also include information for my parents. This information consists of book lists (one particular to the grade level of the student in my class and another with books for different age levels), local library summer reading programs, instructions on applying for a library card, science or academic camps, park programs, local book store programs, and activity calendars for each month of summer vacation. I finish the box off with an individual letter to each of my students and a favorite treat! The kids and the parents love it!


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