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Get The Noise Out!

Submitted by: Joy Moss
From: Westland, MI
Date Submitted: April 24, 2003

When transitioning to a new subject area, the students are sometimes rowdy or sometimes lathargic. If the students are rowdy, I stand in front of the room and wait until I get their attention. Then I point to my eyes as a signal to "watch" and point to my chest to signal "me." I then clap, stomp, or shake a body part in a series of patterns and it is their job to repeat my lead. This is done in complete silence, so they do not clap aloud but would simulate clapping, for example. The last signal I give them is to sit down quietly. I do this by holding my hands out in front of me, palms down, and bringing my hands from my mid-chest to hip level. I then begin teaching in a whisper voice as I walk among the desks.

On days when the students are lethargic, I give out the instructions verbally and with great enthusiasm. I have them stomp, clap, tap, and shake a body part in a pattern that mimics mine with as much noise as they can make. They especially like pounding their desks, with open palms, as hard as they can. Toward the end of the activity, I slowly lower the noise of the clapping, etc., so that the students calm down and are awake and ready to work without being hyped up.


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