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There You Are!

Submitted by: Roberto Gonzalez
From: El Centro, CA
Date Submitted: March 29, 2005

I have been sub-ing for about two years, and have found that talking to students by their names makes a big difference. Some teachers leave seating charts along with the lesson plans, but when they do not, I take a small piece of paper and draw lines or boxes symbolizing the number of rows or tables there are in the classroom. Then, as I call names, I quickly write the number corresponding to their names on the roster. If I need to call someone, I check the number, find the name on the roster, and I can call them by their name. Students always look surprised as though you have memorized their names. It’s a good idea to have them doing something while making the seating chart. Also, when there are seating charts for the class, tell students you will take roll based on the seating chart, and that if they are not in their assigned place, they might be marked absent.

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