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Dem Bones!

Submitted by: Melisa Baltes
From: Powder Springs, GA
Date Submitted: April 23, 2005

I love to use this lesson during our fifth grade "Human Body" unit. To prepare for the lesson I create chocolate covered marshmallows using white chocolate and red food coloring. First, break open big marshmallows (however many students you have) and put a small dot of red food coloring inside. Next, melt the white chocolate and dip the marshmallow in, covering the whole marshmallow. Set the covered marshmallow on wax paper and put in refrigerator until hardened. They are ready for your lesson! As I go over the 3 parts of the bone with students, I have them open the marshmallow and explore what is outside and inside. The hardened white chocolate on the outside is the "Compact Bone." The marshmallow itself (inside) is the "Spongy Bone." The red food coloring is the "Bone Marrow." My students from a few years ago still remember the 3 parts of the bone!!

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