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Haiku Poems with Pizaazzzz

Submitted by: Anonymous
Date Submitted: July 22, 2005

After teaching the structure of "haiku", I show my students a poem I created. Then I have them write a haiku poem. I type the poem, print it, and then copy the poem onto overhead transparency paper on the copy machine. You can get two poems on one copy. Then, I have the students make a "water color" picture that goes with their poem on a half sheet of paper. I overlay the "overhead" plastic onto the watercolor picture and then "hot glue" bamboo to the top and bottom of the poem. To accomplish all of this, I take 4-5 students back to a table while others at are centers. I show them how to "water color" then after they do that, the next day I call each group to the table to compile the water color, the transparent poem and bamboo with a hot glue gun (I do that). We displayed them in the hall last year, and parents & teachers alike thought all the poems were SO beautiful.

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