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"About Me" Poster,
Absence Notes

Submitted by: Anonymous
Date Submitted: October 02, 2005

I ask my class to write an "About Me" poster on A4 paper during the first few days of school. Firstly, fold the paper into four sections and ask the students to write their name along the top right hand side of the paper. Ask the students to label and fill in each section:

  • Section 1: My family
  • Section 2: My hobbies
  • Section 3: My goals/wishes for the year
  • Section 4: My favourite things

This provides an excellent way to get to know your students.

Put each "About Me" poster into the leaves of the clearfile folder in alphabetical order. As absentee notes come in, I file them in the clearfile leaf belonging to the student. This keeps them altogether for future reference and is also helpful during parent interviews.

At the end of the year I give the students back their "About Me" poster. They love to look back at what they were like at the beginning of the year and see how their ideas and favourite things may have changed.

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