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Hassle-Free Fabric Backgrounds

Submitted by: Ann Burchard
From: San Diego, CA

Date Submitted: October 12, 2005

I wish I would have known this tip years ago! After the first few years of the pains and hassles of measuring butcher paper, deciding on color themes, & then changing it for themes, backgrounds, etc. numerous times a year to rip it down in June--then repeat again in Sept. was way to time consuming & plain irritating!! Then I tried fadeless-repeat... Then I discovered fabric! I went to a discount fabric store & headed to the Clearance table. I selected some colorful prints & color schemes (related to calendar) & put them up the 1st day. Imagine the reels of fabric measure exactly to our bbs! Just have to measure length of bb-most bbs are about 1-2 yards of fabric.

I constantly recieve compliments & oohhhs & aahhhs on my bbs. Many teachers have since made the switch!

I never change the fabric unless I find a pattern I like better or I discover one is too distracting/don't love it!NO FADING! NO PIN/STAPLE HOLES! NOBODY DOODLES/WRITES/AUTOGRAPHS BB's WHEN THEY"RE BLANK/AWAITING NEW WWWWWWWWWWWWORK TO BE POSTED! I use reg. borders to enhance fabric.

HINT: Choose calm, either big striped/geometric pattern prints, or really small tight prints (NOT TOO BUSY) and put solid colors inbetween bbs w'prints to break it up and not be so distracting & busy!

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