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Submitted by: Beth Miller-Watkins
From: Irving, TX
Date Submitted: November 07, 2005

When I started subbing 5 yrs. ago, I realized I would need to come up with something to make me stand out with the teachers. First I had cards made with my name, home phone, cell phone, email, and employee number. Then I went out looking for the cutest, most fun notecards I could find. I use my notecards to write the teacher note and I always place a business card inside. My notecards have had a child writing on a blackboard, The Cat in the Hat, Harold and the Purple Crayon, just anything that would catch a teacher's eye.

By now I am on my second set of cards and I've included the name the students call me so the teacher will catch on. Last year I started working on the 1st day of school and only missed 5 days for the year. This year I have, again, worked every day and the majority of my jobs are from teachers I've either worked for before or ones who were told about me. Our jobs are on a computer/phone system and about 1/2 so far this year I've discovered when I call or go on line to see if there are any jobs. I teach PreK through 5th.

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