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Homework Buddies

Submitted by: Jen K
Date Submitted: November 15, 2005

Once the school year has started and I have gotten to know the children, I am able to match students for Homework Buddies. I usually join together a very responsible student who will be encouraging to his or her buddy, usually one who forgets books or does not turn in assignments in a timely fashion.

At the end of each day, the buddies check each other's homework assignment books for accuracy and then do a book check to see if all of the correct materials are going home.

The next morning, the buddies check that papers have been turned in, they have read the morning work and started it, and put all materials in the right places. If all is completed, the buddies place a small round chart sticker on their chart (I found a small chart with 25 squares or a 5-block by 5-block grid). All of the Homework Buddies have their charts on a large posterboard on my bulletin board.

Then, once all 25 squares have been filled in with successful task completion, the buddies choose a "Teacher Treat" from a list on the bulletin board--Eat lunch in the classroom today, chew sugarless gum in class today, use a beanbag in class, operate the overhead, etc. A new chart is placed over the old one and the cycle begins again.

The buddy system works for me because it takes a good month or more to fill the charts and the teacher treats are freebies (no hassle for me!)

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